Pinot–A Love Story

Thin garnet with wide clear edges.  Not crystal-clear.  Concentrated violet, crushed, and Givenchy, mocha and muddy cola.  Barnyard polished with exotic Christmas spices.  Dirty and lovely, undeniably sultry and just a little slutty.  Kisses like a mad-woman.  Sweats after jogging and works in the yard.  Probably drinks beer.  But in a satin dress.  And skin so smooth….  So candied, so jam-packed, appropriately volatile for the AL.

In the mouth, rich, tart fruit affronts your sensibilities, lingering into tarry tongues of fire before drifting off in their cedar boat.  The perfectly balanced bright cherry and seductive tannin finish BEGS another smell and sip.  This reminds me of Swan.  This reminds me of David Bruce.  This is NOT an expensive bottle of wine and you need to find yourself some if you’ve ever doodled “Pinot” over and over on your Pee-Chee folder.

2013 BRICELAND VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Phelps Vineyard Humbolt Co. 13.5

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