Epiphanously Squared

Clear med garnet with staining edges headed into brick.  Bright nose quintessentially Zinfandel, laden with plum and shallow floral.  A teensy tar patinas the briar but first and foremost is the bright fruit.  This wine is going to be a St. Helena–that is obvious.  It is also not going to pose cab-like.  An incredible moldy barnyard sauteed in butter and cinnamon.  This is a tango of moves not instantly seamless but flowing together as a whole.  A piquant cassis accents the nose–and no sign of AL anywhere.  In the mouth, instantly ripe and sweet, bringing EVERY nuance of the bouquet together for a rally on the tongue–but oblique in nature.  The bright nose goes a touch pruney.  The tar heads in the direction of briar and tannin.  The barnyard cleans up nicely with alcohol and acid.  The muddy fruit is candied, but intriguing.  Flabby, but so infused with spice, you kinda can forget the Zinfandel ills.  This will be interesting to taste tomorrow.  Rich and full, and still, well… it’s *Zinfandel*.  I was the biggest wonk for Zin a couple decades ago and with a few of these, I could get back on that wagon.

2010 D-Cubed Zinfandel Napa Valley Korte Ranch 15-4

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