Vin Nice

Staining ruby with practically no edge.  Big buttery spice bouquet rife with cacao, cola, and coriander.  Fat wet gravel breathes out first to rare beef and then roasted meat.  A chalky licorice tells of a wine just barely coming into drinkability–and this after 2 hours.  Clean and bright with absolutely no overtness in chocolate or sweetness or oak.  Crisp and tingling to the nose.  A tender acrid barky burn is the perfect icing.  In the mouth, an complete puree of fruit.  A positively chewable concoction of blackberry, thick and as impenetrable as the color.  Grainy, almost, on the palate as you gnaw through the wall of fruit: solid, but not viscous, light as a feather in its voluminousness.  A surprising combination.  Black walnut, dried cranberries, ultra-ripe pineapple and guava–the beautiful polish of the tropical playing against the floral elements in the nose.  What appears to rise up as obliterating tannins at first get shoved aside by a *NO FADE* attitude of the fruit, rising briefly again late-middle to obliterating levels before taking the whole fat black cherry thing outside for a fight long long long into the night with just a touch of heat.  This thing has 10 years on it but I would watch it carefully.  This fruit with this AL could be a loaded gun.

2009 VINOCE Cabernet Sauvignon Mt. Veeder Napa Valley 14.8

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