Red Red Wine

Dark dark golden ruby, impenetrable and incredibly staining.  I don’t think my glasses will ever be clear again.  A lovely and surprising Euro funk rises off the wine at initial pour, causing me to double-check what Parador has paired the Cab with in this bottling.  It never settles down but the intense mint and woodsy dank graphite muddy bouquet merely over-powers it.  Through all, a piercing caramel nutmeg arrow–dripping with cassis and tree roots–convinces you there is more lurking under the impasse of structure and heat.  I’ve decanted this thing for two hours now.  I can’t decide if it has opened up or actually shut down more.  Slowly but surely layers are added to the already substantial pile.  The dusty tannins are so obvious in the nose, but the gripping blackberry reduction, Gucci and floral prohibit you from looking away.  Not sure where this one falls in the Parador line-up.  I feel like it lies somewhere between the Cab and the Riserva.  I am a HUGE fan of the Parador Riserva.  There are a few wines out there you taste–NYET: you SMELL!  You just SMELL for a moment and instantly you know you will remember this wine forever.  Riserva is one of those wines.  But back to the bottle at hand.  Huge tentrils of grapy gnarl are still pouring off this thing, like the forest of grabbing branches in Snow White.  In the mouth, a still calmness on entry proves momentary.  MASSIVE acid races the fruit for domination but honestly both lose to tannins which do not wait for an introduction.  Chalky, bitter and positively chewy, a firm underbelly of glowing fruit seamlessly flirts with the structure.  It is a bit unbalanced.  Initial impressions of 15 more years are tempered with a fruit-reality halving that.  This is one of those wines I feel could have a dumb stage–appearing fruit-deficient–in the next 10 years and THEN start really shining.  Regardless, it is certainly still in its infancy and built with power and age in mind.  An absolute bargain for what you get.
2007 Parador Red Wine Napa Valley Cab/temp 14-1

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