Three Grocery Outlet’s

Grocery Outlet Wine Night:

Brown brown brown with dreadfully amber edges.  Smells like port.  Not good port.  Really, just port.  A lil wet leather and spice *I suppose* but really just bullshit wine so far gone and probably always was.  In the mouth–wait.  You’re going to make me TASTE this?!?  Thin watery stupid flacid I don’t even know whatever ridiculous crap with a huge burn and acrid tannins.  I’ve wasted too much ink and time on this wine already.

2007 Nugan Estate Shiraz McLaren Vale McLaren Parish Vale Vineyard 14-5 (cork finish)

Bright clear ruby, thin pink edges.  Cheap home-wine nose.  There’s no way this has ANYTHING going on in it as purported by the expansively detailed label.  This is bullshit–like the label–wine from some tank at Sheid which was forgotten and sold.  I’d love to describe the nose.  There just isn’t one.  Well, there IS, it’s just almond and burnt rubber and  fruit so cheap it gives 10-dollar whores a bad name.  In the mouth, grainy, chewy acrid and miserably cloying at the same time.  I suppose you could like this if you were raised on Barefoot and Cupcake.  It is a solid step up from that–and probably less money, just… OMG this is such a crap wine.

2013 Southern Slope Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Paso Robles Five Blocks 13-5

Fairly light (for the variety) ruby with basically no edge.  Not staining.  Big briary alcoholic nose but subdued.  Really closed in.  I keep begging this wine to show me something but–now over an hour in–it reveals nothing.  Still, beautiful cherry–in very small quantities–flow out of a wall of alcohol and buttered popcorn and heroin minerality.  In the mouth, massively tannic from the absolute first second, fruit bitter and background but reasonably dense and moderately visible.  This wine is just a shy little thing.  Don’t buy it unless you have lots of patience.
EDIT:  24hr Vac-U-Vin: A bit more ripeness, but still very cheery fruit–and not much of it.  Still has a great nose.  Finish is thinner.

2012 Graymont Estate Zinfandel Old Vine Alexander Valley Sonoma  15-0

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