Local Girl Does Good

Brilliant ruby, miserably staining with pink edges.  Huge Euro funk takes a bit to blow off.  Barnyardy and wonderful, like a decent Rotie.  It never completely goes away, and is absolute magic in the nose.  Mellows out to a rich nutty briar dedicated to licorice black cherry with mineralific undertones.  In the mouth, immediately obliterating–as PS should be–black opaque impenetrable fruit rich and rewarding, tarry and goth, spicy black pepper strains at the seams, barely allowing the rich ripe fruit to blossom before bringing everything crashing down in clawing, palate-searching tannin.  See, now THIS is the way PS is supposed to be made.  Fuck that fruit-FWD bullshit you think is decent crowd-pleasing Merlot and check the label and it’s 2014 PS.  I want disgustingly rich, obliteratingly-tannic, mouth-shredding Cornas-like concoctions which defy drinking for 5 years but are analytically interesting from the get-go.  This is one of those.  Not sure where to buy this other than the winery, but if you are a fan of old-skool PS, do yourself a favor.
2012 McConnell Estates Petite Syrah Estate Lodi  14-9

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