Piggy Blow the Win Conch!

Dark ruby with ruby edges, fairly impenetrable and staining.  Nice clean nose–no funk–roasted cauliflower, pine nuts and baby diapers.  A certain acridity to the AL is evident–just a classic Chilean cab bringing the vegetal goodness with gob-stopper roasted-meat dense dark fruit–candied, reduced, bell pepper and haricots verts, but with chocolate frosting.  70% cacao.  Buttered popcorn and greasy carmelized onions.  For being so simple, this wine has far too many layers.  Classically, this has been probably my favorite Chilean wine over the years besides some upper Montes offerings.  In the mouth, nice bitter chalkiness grabs early and fast, trying to make a focal point away from the rich fruit.  Bitter, vegetal structure dominates early and middle and finish, slicing up the dense opaque fruit into manageable portions.  A sharp acidity keeps the substantial tannin at bay far into the finish–but cheapening the fruit at the same time.  I mean–com’on: for the Usual PP of 20$ WHAT are you going to complain about?!?  And if you can find it discounted–and I did–this is a win win win wine.
2011 Concha Y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva Chile  14-0

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