4 In A shoot-em-up Gallery

2011 Egelhoff Riesling Napa Valley   Pale canary, big petrol nose heads down into wet concrete and rose petals.  Dusty rose, wax candy and grass, but very small amounts of each.  In the mouth, vapid and still, bright citrusy spritz over a warm, somewhat bergamot filling.  The finish is about the best thing, vibrant and filling acidic and voluminous, a ready crescendo after the the center vapidness.  12.0

2011 Concha Y Toro Cabernet from yesterday.  Settled down in many ways–none of them good.  Drink it fresh, although a headier mint and eucalyptus strain is present but otherwise all kinda wet paper and flabby.  Downhill.

2014 Captain’s Reserve Red Wine Cab/PV/Bec 38/37/25 Paso Robles   Bright ruby with pink edges.  Absolutely the most bullshit oak nose you have ever smelt in your life.  Disgusting bullshit oak for days and days… I can not even begin to describe the amount of oak in this thing.  It has failed already, but let’s sully on.  Fat, flabby, disgustingly obese fruit coupled with oak.  Heavy spice and cassis coupled with oak.  Pancake syrup and cream-cheese frosting coupled with oak extract.  In the mouth, a bitter refreshment to juxtapose the oak but it is of no avail.  The worst wine I have had this year and thank Dog it is only January 5th.  Unfortunately for Hancock College’s oenology program, it is also the worst wine I have had in 2015.  Possibly even 2014.  Hopefully, 2016.  This is just so horribly fucking wrong on so many levels.  Please go away.  14.2

2013 Mignanelli Pinot Noir SLH from yesterday  and pretty much the reason I included yesterday’s two wines in today’s wrap-up.  Showing MUCH better.  Possibly even enough to bump it up a few points.  Showing some grainy toasted almond and eraser-head nuances of older OR PN, but in the mouth blossoming the barnyard and woodsy up a notch from yesterday.  Seems far more stuffed and evolved, prescient, even as it has become considerably more of a charmer in Pinot-terms.  That’s how these things work.

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