Them Duke Boys are Crossin the County Line!

Dark ruby, appropriately opaque and staining for its age and pedigree.  Big typical Bien Nacido gamy initial airs out to a suffocating rich mixture of leather, tar and fruit and–in typical Qupé fashion–shockingly concentrated without a touch of flabbiness, oxidation or obliterating concentration.  The newest label from Qupé, not sure if the 25$ *Central Coast* is discontinued and hopefully the 40$ *Bien Nacido* is still around, but the rumor is: this is 75/25 BN/Slidehill.  I can see both sides of adding the Edna chunk in to the SMV and–being a purist–would prefer the Sawyer was left out, but hey:  I’m not the wine master.  In the mouth, rich and round, gobs of spice, a perfect BTG candidate but of such a shockingly young age little nuance evolves.  Lots of oak, massive vanilla and dense, ripe cherry.  It’s a pretty nice Syrah, all-in-all.  I feel it is priced a bit tall for a county-appellation, and it lacks any significant, sophisticated indications of advanced pedigree.  In other words:  The perfect BTG specimen.  If you see it, buy it, but without any further definition on the label, it really has no place in the cellar.

2012 Qupé Syrah Santa Barbara  (14-7?)

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