Is Good, Low-AL Zin Basically Claret?

Med ruby with pink edges.  Big oak, honestly–that’s about it.  Cassis and vanilla and lots of little cab-like nuances over a smidgen of cherry fruit.  I *suppose* I should like it?  I am always wishing Zin could be more cab-like and quite appreciate the older zins which I feel WERE more cab-like (we’re talking pre-1995 here) and here I am getting all my wishes fulfilled and am complaining.  I’m complaining mostly because this wine just plain doesn’t have much going on.  In the mouth, meager with great acid and medium tannin.  An acrid Vit-C finish-cum-middle drowns out anything in the taste you might have construed out of the bland bouquet.  This would be a perfect BTG candidate as it is so incredibly in-offensive.  It fails to make any sort of a Zinfandel statement ANYWHERE in it.  It would be fun to put this alongside the current release of Ridge’s Three Valleys.  It was the LAST most blandest Zin award I bestowed.  Again, I realize the awkwardness of my lambasting the heroin-Zins and then poo-poo-ing a couple which happen to come in clean and un-burdened by *all things Zin*, but come’on!  We need some Zinfandel.  It needs to taste *a little* like Zinfandel.  Just today I tasted a Zinfandel at Ecluse in Paso which tipped the scales in the OPPOSITE direction: Disgustingly fat flabby oxidized miserably obese Zin just ZIN ZIN ZIN and not a touch of anything redeeming from any nobler variety.  But this one?  Awkward and unbalanced and lacking varietal characteristics.  I am probably the most-critical of Zinfandel in terms of varietal-correctness than any other grape and trust me, no one is sadder about this than myself.  The struggle is real.
Edit:  REALLY started shining the second day.  Pure *Zinfandel* fruit started showing through.  Not disappointing.

2011 Joseph Swan Zinfandel Russian River Valley Mancini Ranch  13-3

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