Silly Name, Amazing Bubbles

Bright salmon.  Doughy toast and lavender.  Non-stop micro-bubbles.  Crisp acidic citrus in the mouth, fat and round, tahini and Kalamata evolving towards flinty wet wood, never giving up even an inch of acidity while also never even remotely flirting with austere.  It is important to point out here this is neither a big-name bubbler from a huge house NOR a small Pinot house farming out their sparklers to a facility in Modesto.  This is a hand-made sparkling wine from an INCREDIBLE producer of boutique Pinot Noir, hand-riddling, hand disgorging, hand-everything IN-house one-bottle-at-a-time and that is why this stuff is NOT cheap and absolutely worth every penny.  Ripe and round, full of fruit, packed with briar and spice–tannins, even–true wine and a stunning world-class bubbly.

2011 Flying Goat Rosé Solomon hills Santa Maria Valley   12-9

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