A Grande Second Label

Very light ruby, no edge.  Big murky briar funk with glazed doughnut–no, JELLY doughnut and corn tortillas.  Decanted vigorously.  Late air transforms the pond-mud sorta funkiness into a L’occitane green-tea/citrus genre of sharp green weed-stem.  It continuously evolves, showing a little here and al little more there, never playing the full hand.  A classic BDX or–in this case–old-school CA situation.  While giving up fair amounts of decent fruit, it never evolves into a silicon-enhanced bling-bomb, but then again: neither does the regular Forman.  If there is anything more exciting than second labels, I don’t know what it is.  I love the freedom, the assumed lack of reputation-staking concern, and of course the price.  In the mouth, additional restraint big-city swag-drinkers would consider thin.  Beautiful ripe-grapefruit balances a chunk of dense, black fruit, bubbling with pine-pitch and infantile tannin.  An absolute infant, but prob not something destined for much over a decade.

2013 CHATEAU LA GRANDE ROCHE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley  14.5


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