I Go Out So You Can Stay In

2007 CAPARONE Zinfandel Paso Robles 13-5
Thin garnet with wide bricking edges.  Vegetal burnt rubber electrical fire wasted nothingness breathing out to oxidized prune.  Let me reiterate:  This is not something I dredged out of a liquor store or my cellar or some grandma garage, this is CURRENT RELEASE.  I purchased this at the winery 2 weeks ago.  A considerable contrast to the wonderful 2006 BN ME purchased at same time.  In the mouth, fruit gone away into soggy saltine crackers accompanied by voluptuous acid.  It burns far into whatever finish there is.  If this WERE a 1997 I found in the aforementioned sketchy sources, I would be doing my best to find whatever good I could in the wine, saying things like, “Fruit desperately holding on but giving way” or “Probably missed its prime by five years and provenance most likely is to blame” but no, no excuses here.  No winery should be selling this.  ◊

2013 RED CLAW Zinfandel Paso Robles  Atascadero Wine Group  15-2 (guess)
Bright ruby, no edge.  Boozy Madeira briar heavy on vodka, no: RUM, that’s it, rum!  Woody light Nyquil, with generous oak and base minerality.  Overwhelmingly fat and glycerin-ey in the nose.  A considerable contrast to the incredible 2013 Syrah from the same label.  In the mouth, shallow and elementary.  Bright acid lights up the edges but tinges the fruit beyond repair and the AL is a constant worry.  Vit-C finish.  This thing *might* settle down in 5 years.  Let me know.   ◊

2013 SHINER Syrah “San Luis Obispo County”  14-5 (guess)
Bright clear med ruby with wide clear edges.  Fried egg and AL nose almost completely obscured with oak.  So much oak.  OMG the oak.  Gunpowder and road-tar, but oak and oak and oak.  Oh, and oak.  A sample given me but honestly despite all the platitudal *it’s young* and *its practically a barrel sample* and *it will settle down* I have a hard time seeing beyond the oak extract.  Yes, there’s fruit in there, deep and sullen, but why the fuck would you need to look for it this hard.  The person who sampled this to me actually said it needed more oak, which makes me want to kill myself slowly and painfully.  I’ll make sure and put tickets up on my website for that event.  It’ll sell out.  In the mouth, young abrasive fruit with shredding acids and stale refrigerator aim towards a rather flacid middle–devoid of fruit–and direct everything towards the grippingly tannic finish where the fruit makes another desperate stand.  Call me in 5 years.  ◊

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