Tension. Lovely Tension.

Med orange-ruby with thin pink edges.  Big grainy conifer forest floor–sap dripping–with a few things broad-leaf decaying with.  Pungent and bright, a certain old-world funk starts early and finishes late but the vast middle is all bright spice, cassis, cedar and graphite.  Stemmy to a point, delightfully sharp without feeling flawed.

This is 100% Colson Canyon, a tiny 16ac parcel planted in the late-70’s I believe far out in the corners–actually barely OUTSIDE–of the Santa Maria Valley Appellation and recently purchased from the original planters by Tensley.  It will be interesting to see what happens to the Colson Canyon contracts we have all become accustomed to.  McPrice-Meyers… Brander… Margerum… Barbieri… etc etc etc.  Oh well, onward and upward.  I have heard rumors of it being in dire neglect.

Late air gives you fat, flat fruit, but another quick swirl enlivens the spice.  In the mouth EVERYTHING you wished for in the nose comes blasting through, deep and rich, clean and elegant.  Massive blackberry fruit–seeds and all–alive with acid and young structure.  Just a baby, but drinking incredibly well and with definite promise.  A dozen of these in the cellar would be a veritable bank-account of reward over the next decade.  So beautiful and YUMMY, everything wrapped tightly in a cloak of tannin and acid but layers of leather, wood and fruit so apparent.  Find it and buy it.  This is a big, generous Grenache and as big of fan of Colson Canyon as I am, one of the most gorgeous examples to date.

2014 FREQUENCY Grenache Colson Canyon Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara County 15.0


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