Best of Both Worlds

Black, dark impenetrable garnet and wide amber edges unbelievable dense and dark.  Thick, creamy nose, dense with fruit and lovely créme de cassis, créme de menthe, créme de cacao, cream cheese, a little hot but so beautifully nuanced–never showing too much and yet so gracious.  The ride-along fruit black and dense.  Pretty sure this used to be the Saratoga Cuvée–a very well-priced blend I bought the CRAP out of in the 90’s and then for some reason it changed and we got this tri-county blend.  Still not expensive–and so lovely.  In the mouth, everything promised in the nose comes through in strides.  Chewy, chalky and concentrated, banana peel and bell pepper with black walnut so dense and rich and a little hot.  Sweet perhaps?  This is Medoc or Graves meets California.  All the nuance and subtleties of a fairly well-bred BDX but distilled and concentrated and condensed into this delightful package you have to CHEW your way through.  Earthiness and mint in a package mab just a little fat for it’s own good.  And obviously a patina of a few years tacked on for good measure.
2009 MARTIN RAY Cabernet Sauvignon Napa/Mendo/Sonoma 50/30/20  14-4

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