A Petite Sirah for the Hipster-Class

Dark ruby.  Watermelon fruit early and bright over a fat bed of sweat and burnt rubber.  The funky briar never stops on this one, packing it in old-world, Southern-Europe style.  A spell-binding nose, burning at the edges, but briary goodness rolls off in gobs and gobs, wet bark and gym socks vying for domination over the fruit.  This was somewhat of a surprise find a few weeks ago at a local Vallartas Supermarket.  I knew they carried L. A. Cetto, but had only seen Cab and CH and maybe Sang.  With the arguable exception of Neb, this is the finest wine from this producer–kinda the ‘Gallo’ of Mexico, but if you lurk carefully around the edges of their roster, quality is possible.  Oh, and it’s “ell aye chetto”, not “La Setto”.  Lovely tasting room and grounds, everyone speaks perfect English–a good primer to Valle De Guadalupe.  There are far better wines in the valley (and much much much much much MUCH worse) but honestly this thing knocks it outa the park.  It fits in PERFECTLY with today’s new breed of wines and the re-birth of popularity of things like Chinon and Priorat.  Fans of the new breed of niche-reds from Monterey Co, North Coast and the Delta would be blown away by this.  In the mouth, Baja-typical saltiness balances fat fruit against bitter gnarl, #petitesirahIloveyou tannins and a steely acridness.  Orange-zest bitterness accentuates every drop of sugar.  Broken-stem tannins remind you why you adore Petite Sirah and laughs at the new breed of flabby approachable offerings.  This is the best wine I have ever had from this producer and it is right on the cusp of 3 diamonds.
2011 L. A. CETTO Petite Sirah Valle De Guadalupe Baja California BCN Mexico  13-5

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