All Things Must Re-Pass

Medium ruby with wide opaque edges.  Big barnyard funk blows off too soon, but leaves a steely mineralific-ness rife with wet conifer forest and urine on galvanized steel.  Fruit so pure and clean–but clearly ripe, OH SO RIPE–spilling over throughout.  A clean base of cherry, salted with nutmeg and ripe banana.  Nutty and clean like an old champagne but brimming over with spicy fruit.  This is not an expensive wine and *ripasso* is a fascinating section of Italian wine-making.  This isn’t Wine 101 so I am not going to explain Amarone to you–go learn yourself.   Dark and almost pendantic in the mouth, thin initially but a bitter peach-pit core brings it around and the barnyard funk returns for the tart, tight finish.  This is a brilliant wine, a great middle ground between the sweetness of Amarone and the simplicity of Valpolicella.
2013 VILLA BORGHETTI Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC  13-5

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