Where-ever Mendota Is, You Need To Find It

Clean med ruby with almost no edge.  ASSIGNMENT: Google “Mendota”; Google “Ruby Cabernet”.  A stunning nose of dark floral, wilted lily, nutty, creamy oak, a tinnyness brighter than petrichor all wrapped in  soaked leather, salty soiled horse-stall bedding and vegetal minty eucalyptus desperately in need of air but obliterating everything in waves and waves of heady excitement.  This is excellent bottle three or four in a steady line of recommendations carried at Grape Encounters EmPOURium run by the whirlwind that is David Wilson of Grape Encounters Radio fame.  Detractors might point out heavy oak, severe ripeness and a touch of heat in this bottle but there is an agility to its concentration.  How can something this dark and deep be so light on its feet?  In the mouth, black and dense, bongo structure barely lets you glimpse the fruit but oh man is it THERE.  Disgustingly concentrated, layers and layers of down covered in velvet over a mattress stuffed with ROCKS.  All the mint and eucalyptus translate perfectly–along with the dusty rose–the funk you really have to look for in the bouquet is also apparent on the palate.  Beautiful tannins, polished and never over-whelming the fruit, carry you off into Forever-Land.  Blind, I’m honestly not sure what I would say.  Probably Alexander Valley.  I don’t think I would ever go with Central Valley.  This is a wine Tom, Dick, & Harry can drink all day long and think is wonderful but #winegeek can have a field-day with.  I wish I could share a bottle with all of you.  In a rare move, I visited this winery recently.  This is how impressed I am with their quality.  Just a couple miles off Interstate 5 between Bakersfield and Sacramento, if you are traveling through there I HIGHLY recommend stopping by.  A STUNNING property–beautiful beyond belief–an absolute oasis in the middle of Central Valley farmland.  The grounds and authentic Italian buildings are definitely not to be missed.  I also have fallen in love with most of their other offerings.  Check out their Sangiovese, Barbera, and ‘Kitchen Blend‘ at these links.  These are NOT expensive wines and are just flat out GOOD.

2011 CARDELLA Ruby Cabernet Vineyard 22 Mendota California 14.1


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