NOT Run-of-the-Old Mill Bordeaux

Med garnet with amber edges.  Big nutty round nose showing considerable early funk, breathing out to a beautiful woody old church with stone floors highlighted with crisp briar, raw blood, banana-peel and boiled spice.  Rich deep cherry fruit maintains throughout and the common Cali-centric mantra of  “If I want lean-and-mean, I’ll drink Bordeaux” fails to cover.  Still, ripe and beautiful, concentrated beyond the norm.

I try a lot of sub-30$ BDX because I am always looking for that gem, and somewhat like Oregon Pinot, it almost NEVER fulfills.  This is an exception.  I have tasted a plethora of IGT’s or even Super-Tuscans more meager than this, and don’t even get me started on Chianti.  Full, round and rich, this little thing packs a whallop–even to a CA-centric palate.

In the mouth, slightly thinner than the bouquet promises, but everything translates positively from the nose to the palate with ease.  Decadently ripe for a BDX, and gobs of crushed rock, wet graphite, walnut shells gush out, all woven throughout a core of rich decadent fruit.  Acidity on 11, and a thin-ness in the middle gives way to clawing, teeth-wiping tannin.

Might want to stash a few of these away in a dark spot for a half-decade.  There’s fruit there and structure will polish beautifully.  It will not gain much in concentration, and probably always be *thin* but that is the chances one takes with cheap BDX.

2011 Ch. VIEUX MOULIN Lussac St. Emilion Bordeaux 13.0

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