Mountain Fruit Isn’t Always The Most Rewarding

Obliterating dark purple–as dark as cab can get, staining but not opaque.  No nose.  Ok, so of course there’s a nose, but oh man what a limp set of nuances.  NOTHING comes out of this wine.  Finally decided to decant, praying SOMETHING would blossom.  There’s not much here to grasp, bouquet-wise.  Tiny little burnt rubber, peanut butter, a sweet cake frosting fatty element coupled with a bright spicy vegetal–fresh-cut jalapeno–all slathered on a fat lazy buttered toast and wet concrete.  The longer you try to smell it, the mussier and simpler it becomes.

Decanted heavily in a desperate attempt to revive a bouquet of some sort–to basically no avail.  You plunge your nose deep into it–PLENTY of air by now–desperately attempting to rouse excitement from the beautiful liquid and it just lays there, passed out.  Minuscule rewards in every department.  It is really quite a muddled muss–dirty even.  Quite European, actually.  Even–OMG–slightly oxidized?!  No, that is not possible.  Seriously: with this label, and this vintage there is not possibility of oxidation or pruniness, of course–it’s just the flab mussin with you!

In the mouth, it becomes a different wine.  Starting from a simple, miserably one-dimensional black cherry concentrate note, it explodes in all directions, bringing in bitter teas and ripe stone-fruit flesh–stone-fruit PITS even–eucalyptus and mint, stony soil, bright and rugged.  Acidity and tannin grow exponentially into a teeth-wiping mountain-fruit experience near the end, but there really isn’t an end.  It just goes on and on and on, the fat fruit and EVERY TINY DETAIL in the nose cranked up to 11 fighting for dominance over the brilliant tannins.  A very interesting wine.

2012 MOUNT VEEDER WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley  14.5

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