Dense ruby with opaque edges.  Amateur shallow, poor handling, bad fruit, PMBS bouquet lacking anything redeeming except oak and chewed pencil wrapped in rubber band.  Dirty and musty, wet paper, and over-all a cloying oak bullshit.  not ACTUAL *bull shit* as that would be an actual improvement.  Hot pepper and… oh god… just ewww.  Whatever part of Napa Valley this is from or whatever blend it was “carefully selected” from, it missed the point by a long-shot.  Oh, yeah, sure people could drink this by the gallon.  This is better than basically everything on the bottom three shelves but if you like wine and appreciate complexity and interest, this is a wash-out.  In the mouth it continues the shallow theme, over-ridden with bad cellar situations and absolute bullshit nuances ranging from *nothing* to *stupid*.  Just don’t.

2010 ARTURUS Astrale e Terra Red Wine Atlas Peak Napa Valley  14-2

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