Fruit Of The Loom

Thin light ruby with wide pink edges.  Grainy, yeasty, fresh-baked-bread dense fig-newton earthy nose writhing in cinnamon and nutmeg while balancing bright cranberry fruit atop it all.  Nice touch of oak.  Grape Jolly-Rancher and warm wool Army blanket.

An experiment I picked up at the Muni Wine tasting room in Little LA without tasting.  So happy I did, as this thing punches WAY above it’s price-point.  Late-breathing gives praline warmth with black walnut edge.  Pure Pinot, through-and-through–and def IPOB-material: bright and witty while grounded in pure Burgundian magic.  The grape really shines here.

If you are into big rich dark syrah-like pinots, close this page now and look away:  This wine is NOT for you.  In the mouth, thin, LED-bright fruit, breaded in barnyard and deep-fried in acid.  A green-bitter streak runs throughout, giving way to a sweet/hot and tannic finish.

2014 MUNICIPAL WINEMAKERS Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co.  13.1

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