Fel You Up

Dark florescent ruby with wide clear-and-pink edges.  Big warm woolen mittens of fruit obliterate basically all images of Pinot Noir, replacing them with a flabby, round somewhat chocolaty Syrah–or hell, almost ZINFANDEL-ish–fruit.  One-dimensional and boring, a grimy petrichor desperately tries to knock on the door–repeatedly driven back by the obese critter on the porch.

Everyone knows I wonk hard for Anderson Valley, but this is not the sort of Pinot I like to drink.  I know LOTS of folks for whom this is EXACTLY what they like to drink and it is a very very GOOD version of that style of Pinot–and I am not judging.  Big and round and SY-like, packed with jammy fruit–this is PERFECT for crowd-pleasing party-sippers or even that big glass of wine when you are going to bed.  Barnyard and funk are–for all rights and purposes–nowhere to be found.  Syrup and caramel rise out of it, overflowing with sweet cherry.

In the mouth, a green streak surprises me, watering down the huge fruit and turning the middle a welcome touch of bitter.  The finish runs off hot and tannic, and only for a moment was the huge sweet fruit visible in the entry and middle.  There’s plenty in the nose to get you by, though!  I’m guessing almost 15-0 and while this bottle could convert to Pinot even the most stalwart Cab or Syrah person, it really isn’t my cup of tea–errrr–Pinot.

2013  FEL Pinot Noir Anderson Valley  14.6

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