Rodger That

Black opaque ruby barely lightening at the edge.  Teensy floral and then a blast of oak oak oak so much charcoal oak, sweet leathery robust rich oak obliterating everything I raised SEVERAL red flags and… then it went away.  *poof*  Just like that, gone.  Replaced with that delectable funky, sweaty, natural-fibre, hi_octane minerality possible with Syrah grown ripe and round in the middle of Pinot Noir country.  Banana peel and new car mingle with warm sand, boiling potatoes and balsamic.

And you know this thing is gonna be fat.  Way before you taste it.  It’s flabby in the nose: face it.  This thing got seriously ripe.  While this thing is ‘Sonoma Coast’, I seem to recall this vineyard being more Carneros than coast.  Anyway… it doesn’t really matter WHERE it comes from, clearly it is classic Sonoma-Napa-RRV stuff, bringing so much fruit and floral to the party.  You really have to have your nose in it to drink it–THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE, FOLKS!  God made a wine glass so you HAVE to have your NOSE in it to DRINK it!  And I know many of you are very good about smelling a wine first and then drinking the bottle.  NO!  You smell it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  As is often the case, this bottle went through 5 or 6 distinct stages–numbers 2 and 4 phenomenal, the other three not so much.

In the mouth, more acidity than I expected.  The mouthfeel is subtler than the nose.  Salty and round–with a chunk of acidity–and all those plasticine, floral, and tropical nuances have to be searched for.  It is chock-a-block spearmint round goodness, deep rich raspberry and tannin knockin on all your doors at once.  Concentrated and chalky in the finish, teeth-wipingly dense and with considerably heat.  I guessed 15-2.

2012 RAMEY CELLARS Syrah Sonoma Coast Rodgers Creek  14.5

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