Candy-O–I Love You So

Bright med ruby with wide edges.  Intense black cherry, chocolate nougat and scorched pecans stuffed into a cigar-smoke and green oak sandwich, so overwhelming it is hard to notice the delicate petals of nubile candy-apple fruit peeking through, shyly clamoring for attention.  If at first you thought ‘Old World’, with a little air, this thing is freshly-scrubbed New World all over.

Is this Cab Franc?  I have no idea.  I suppose it might have some Pinot in it, but not much.  Syrah and CF?  My (limited) knowledge of Oregon varieties is playing hard into my blind-guessing-game.  Face it, Oregon=Pinot period end of conversation.  I have often queried why we do not see more Cab Franc, Merlot, and others you see coming from climates such as this.  FLX, for example.  Way down deep in this thing is a little Burgundian nuance I can’t ignore, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be Pinot Noir.  A little butter and yeast… and more fruit-frosting.  OMG this thing is so fun.

In the mouth, a nice crisp acid attack PACKED with briery fruit turns to a bit of a hollow spot in the middle.  Everything goes just kinda clear and thin over the top before the tannin-band starts playing again and everybody gets back on the floor for the postlude.  I don’t know the price-point on this bottle but based on it being a 2014 proprietary, I’m guessing it is a great value.  If I had a restaurant I would have this wine running in the gutters and a pitcher on every table.  So user-friendly, so palate-comfortable, so bright and fresh and still packing a wallop.  From BBQ and wet-naps to roe-foam and tweezers, motorcycle-jackets to Versace, this thing can service it all.

2014 RAYLEE ‘Syn’ Red Wine Oregon  14.9

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