Maybe It’s Maybelline

Med garnet, bricking hard with amber edges.  Sweaty rubber boot and rotten grass-clippings over a spicy citrus-zing of MEK.  A round, plum & spice cake is slightly visible in the background but quickly runs toward sliced onion.  Purchased in 2010 from winery and cellared at 65F since.  The first drop outa the neck told a horrible story.  In the mouth, considerably better.  Vapid evidence of fruit of Christmas Past is omnipresent, and it turns to dark stewed bitter prune quite rapidly, book-ended by massive sharp tannins and then more raisin-sweetness.  Blind, I’d say a 9$ St Cosme someone kept in their garage in LA.  This is undrinkable.  Sesame seed and AL-burn is your memory.

2007 TABLAS CREEK En Gobelet Paso Robles 48/47/5 MV/GR/TN  15-0

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