Nice Little Girl

Light ruby with wide clear edges.  An effusive delicious funk rises up and never breathes out–still strong 3 and 4 hours later.  Warm and round–not warm and round like Belle Glos/Twomey/en Route warm and round–more of a silky sweaty cellar-floor thin bright warm-and-roundness encapsulated in a vibrant grapefruit minerality defying the rather thin mouthfeel.

This is absolutely totally completely a *root-beer free-zone*.  Sonoma Coast is rapidly becoming my favorite appell for pinot, and this wine does nothing to dispel that notion.  As the 95-point over-ripe mentality encroaches almost universally on even the holiest of appellations, Sonoma Coast keeps bringing stuff to my door which is brighter, smarter, leaner, and more considerate of pure Pinot nuance.

In the mouth, beautifully layered with meat, roasted meat, Montreal Steak Seasoning, a watery cherry cola with a splash of lemon, delightfully curling the edges of the tongue with kitten-soft pin-pricks of heat which morph seamlessly into leathery tannins.

2013 LA PITCHOUNE Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast  14.1

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