NOT a Candle-Holder

Dark ruby with basically no edge.  Nutty bravisimo packed with BDX-style fruit and cassis fills the nose.  Round and full, decadently ripe, this thing falls nowhere near the watery, funky Sangioveses many consider de rigeur for varietal correctness.  Earthy licorice and olive oil late bouquet, with a little alcohol.

In the mouth, a simple TANG acid is the only signature give-away of the grape, before the concentration and depth of this wine unleashes itself on your tongue, cramming fig-newton and black cherry into every crevice while green peppery tannins work the oil-slick of fruit into submission.

Despite the vintage Italian label and Central Valley appell, this is NOT straw-bottle Chianti or Lodi lollipop.  More earthy brilliance evolves late-breathing making this a dead-serious Brunello or Rosso or Nobile di Montepulciano clone which  I would LOVE to blind with even some Sangio-heavy Super-Tuscans.  Quite possibly my favorite wine from this producer.

2012 CARDELLA WINERY Sangiovese Vineyard 22 Mendota San Joaquin Valley California  14.0

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