Splendid. Just Splendid

Clear thin ruby with pink edges.  Dark cinnamon dessert comes off after an initial old-world funk takes its time blowing off.  Simple dark fruity goodness in waves accentuated with wet concrete and lovely cherry.
Here’s your St. Joseph goodness coupled with California complexity.  Such a compelling little wine, food-thin and blisteringly acidic while maintaining a core of decadent fruit impossible to resist.
So… there’s a couple dif ways to make Syrah. You all know this. There’s the bullshit 16-1 3.9 48day 36mo Central Coast way that gets you an allocation waiting-list; There’s the OZ method adopted by large chunks of knee-high supermarket vendors; The WA ground-aspirin method; The North Coast green tar & briar; And then there’s the funky fun electric-fruit French method, so easy and unpretentious, so *sparkling water* to your *cherry cola*, so vibrant, so OMG bretty and vegetal, so gypsy caravan, so sitting elbow-to-elbow in restaurants with strangers, so “Bring us another bottle”, so plat du jour, so vin de la maison, so FUN, so unraveled from the Guinness passed off as New World Syrah–and THIS is that wine. Where he gets it, I don’t care. Why it’s California, that’s his decision. It’s BULLETPROOF 20$ Syrah.
In the mouth, fruit blossoms unrequited against unsophisticated layers of leather and herb.  It is only 20 dollars and filed under *California* but brings a North Coast balance and dedicated awesomeness hard for the purist to resist.  Here is where the MASTER of Rhone varieties has no equal.  Buy a case and drink it daily.  I never get tired of wines like this.

2014 BONNY DOON Syrah ‘Splendide’ California  13.9


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