Lae Back and Think Of England

Bright ruby with thin clear edges.  Concentrated ginger ale, sweet and rich.  Packed with cinn & nutmeg, coriander and smoky twigs.  That’s really about it.  Ripe in a way so yummy it leaves little to the imagination.  Edgier than nearby SMV, basking in much more spice but all so one-dimensional.  No complexity, no finesse, a little minerality deep in the nose but otherwise quite cloying. Probably an almost perfect restaurant-bling bottle.  Everybody’s gonna love it after the person entrusted with the wine-list sweatingly makes his decision.

In the mouth, nothing surprising.  A bit more complex.  Brilliant acid and more minerality, cutting and sharp, intense and off-setting of the simplistic flabbiness of the nose.  An absolute 10/10 concentration of vibrant fruit, blowing the top of your head off with first sip–no, it was probably the third sip before I fully grasped how decadent the mouth-feel is.  Roasted corn on a fire, teriyaki jerky, a bitter pill coated in chocolate and caramel.  Awkward not-quite-bitter tannin like burnt oil or something–touching on oxidation–complete the wine.  There’s not much redeeming this bottle.  I can’t convince myself to like it.  Too many issues.  When I first tasted this wine I thought it was better than the nose.  Now that I am tasting it, I think the bouquet deserves more plaudits.  Who knows.  Who cares.  While some of Laetitia’s special selection offerings are phenomenal, I can’t drink stuff like this.

2013 LAETITIA Pinot Noir ‘Reserve du Domaine’ Arroyo Grande Valley 14-3


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