Wild, and Not a Boar

IMG_20160814_210926Bright ruby with pink edges, rich oak explodes out of the glass, quickly being replaced with strong mint, briar, eucalyptus and sagebrush. A dry desert wind brings a chunk of alcohol and nutmeg goodness. Bright and airy, but with serious chops, as rich and ripe as it may be, it carries itself almost Cab-like, never bogging down into prune, but maintaining that lovely plum shininess Zinfandel HAS to have. I first discovered Wild Hog about 5 years ago in a grocery in Duncan Mills, but here-to-fore had only had their Sonoma Coast Syrahs and Pinots. I was impressed enough by the quality, *interesting-factor*, and price-point to search out some of their other reds. This one comes from a little warmer climate than Sonoma Coast, and am assuming that factors into it’s plumpness. In the mouth, a blistering attack of fruit and acid quell any considerations of obesity, and it again maintains ballet-light poise and balance throughout the Life-Saver middle. The eucalyptus and mint visit again at the onset of tannin, and they all storm off bitterly. A brilliant Zinfandel: spicy, fruity, and tannic–just the way Zin SHOULD be.
2012 WILD HOG VINEYARD Zinfandel Nova Vineyards Lake County 14.5
http://www.wildhogvineyard.com http://www.shiverick.com

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