Hello Fifteen I Love You

IMG_20160817_175001Electric purple with vivid pink edges.  This is a baby–not even a year old, vibrant and young but showing OH SO WELL.  Fresh baked bread bordering on buttered popcorn pulls you into its youth while the sweet liquidity of crisp sliced freshly dug root vegetables–turnips and carrots over a dark currant pie solidify the wine’s nose.  Wet horse-hooves and stall-bedding reel in the young fruit, telling you of something far grander about to arrive.  Edgy and earthy and absolutely jam-packed with sweet razor sharp minerality.  Delicate and refreshing while maintaining a solid core of black-powder structure.  A gin and tonic on a hot day or a hot chocolate on a cold night:  Fulfilling and solid while uplifting and refreshing and EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.  Clean and complicated these amazing soft shoulder Cab Francs are popping up all over California.  In the mouth, beautiful fresh black fruit climbs in on you at the outset as manageable–but apparent–acidity hops on for the ride.  An absolute cherry TART of a filling: round and full and gum-tingling with a finish for ever and ever.  This is another surprise blowout you really need to find.  Great label, great contents, great appellation, and I am adding this to my growing list of AMAZING soft-shouldered, Loire-style Cab-Francs popping up under unknown labels all over California.  You are going to see this label everywhere soon, I promise.

2015 DEUX PUNX Cabernet Franc Carneros Albini Vineyard 13.5

http://www.deuxpunx.com    www.shiverick.com

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