An Old Friend Comes to Dinner

IMG_20160825_194931Clear ruby with thin pink edges.  Warm spicy fresh baked bread with a slather of oak and eucalyptus-mint textbook Rutherford loveliness.  Nothing startling:  everything in its place, a little bit of heat spikes the shredded bark and milk chocolate turtles–nutty caramel turtles.

Like most of you, I’ve been drinking Rutherford Hill Cabs and Merlot for 20+ years.  One of those brands which might slide off your radar because fairly well distributed and oft-times top-shelf supermarket.  And I don’t have a problem with that.  Who has a problem with corporate-mandated air-conditioning and top-shelf status?  And the fact I can write about something almost ANYONE reading can go down the street and buy makes my–and your–job much easier.  It is still a family-run winery and the intensity they build into this bottle is impressive.  In the mouth shockingly more structured than I would expect–I mean:  HOW many cases a year of this does Rutherford Hill make?!?

A well defined green biting tannin greets you from the very beginning making sure you know who’s boss while fruit runs deep–almost a roasted sort of dark preserve nicely accentuated by more lovely eucalyptus and mint from the nose.  Crisp sharp grapefruit minerality brings the wet gravel road into focus and those lovely green tannins perfectly fill out the finish.

2012 RUTHERFORD HILL Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Estate Napa Valley 14.4

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