IMG_20160831_182722Dark garnet steadily ambering out to the clear rim. Big flaccid plum jumps out first and foremost in a hot pond-water sort of boggy swamp stew alongside a razor edge of moldy aluminum and vegetable trimmings left in the crisper. Plus heat. Don’t forget the heat.
This is one of Paso Robles’ 5 or 6 major claims to the variety and I have tasted these for years and have found them fairly solid, but unpredictable. The owner, who ONLY makes 2 Pinot Noirs from his estate and has so for 30 years–claims they are the most-ageable Pinots in the whole area. I think there are VERSIONS of this wine which could possibly be aging-candidates, but not every vintage. This one very well could be of the former persuasion. The winery is a fun visit in Paso and I like these wines enough to buy them on a fairly regular basis. This one, however, is a tad dis-jointed.
In the mouth, zesty cola and green firewood, thick and intense, full of acid and instantaneously and horrifically so tannic ALL memories of lush Pinot fruit are dashed, leaving you with only the oil-well flare-off in your throat and the smell of dog pee on scorched lawn.

2010 WINDWARD Pinot Noir Paso Robles 14.7

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