Cabernet, I am your Father

IMG_20160901_195709Light bright ruby out to tiny clear edges.  Effusive stemmy green briar classic of Alexander Valley mountain fruit rises out of the glass, playing off rich ripe floral and stunning cherry Tootsie-Pop and dank cigar and latex.  One of those wines you just want to smell forever and ever.  Rich and round fruit with a solid streak of minerality begs you to taste it.

Tiny, off-the-grid North Coast winery way out in the mountains producing hand-numbered bottles of small-lot wine with a nod to classic varietal-correctness and a minimum of wine-maker intervention.  You DO know Cab Franc is the baby-daddy of Cabernet Sauvignon, RIGHT?  This is not Wine 101, so go Wiki that stuff or something.  We’ll wait…  This lovely blend gives particular nod to the lineage of Cab Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon–of which the former makes the larger contribution, in feel AND taste.    A brilliant juxtaposition Loire and Bordeaux, blending brilliant vegetal CF nuances with just the right amount of Cabernet lushness.  If you prefer big flabby jam-bomb cabs utilizing every tool in the bag to elicit concentration, this is NOT a wine for you.  But if you lush out on vibrant, delicate Cab Franc spice and dedication to solid fruit, this TWELVE POINT SEVEN Alex is your new poster-child for balanced wines.

In the mouth, the minerality never takes a break, running ruby grapefruit thru the fruit so visceral, so stunningly bright, blackberry and vivid, never bogged down by concentration and alcohol.  Full and round and yet still so ethereally light and elegant, and absolutely PERFECT example of what is fortunately the new trend in low-alcohol, yet very polished red wines.  I am positively blown AWAY by how good this wine is.  So light of texture and color, and yet so jam-packed FULL of everything wonderful in a red wine.

2013 TERRAGENA Father & Son Holden-Mapley Vineyard Alexander Valley Sonoma 12.7

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