A Cross To Bear

Stupid young and stupid cheap.  Thin and musty stagger down Vanilla Street, hopefully groping at earth and acid like a bachelorette converting a gay.  Flabby mud-puddle fruit–thin as yoga pants on a Walmart shopper–reads more like that tweaker you know is 25 but looks  45.  This is a corpse of a wine, not horribly undrinkable, but showing WAY past the vintage printed.  You expect bright young acidic lean & mean indications of the satellite but instead get a construed liquid lacking any redeeming value.  The #eyebrowsonfleek #lovemylife entry is backed up by G.E.D. depth, apartment carpet and an unemployed baby-daddy finish. You’ve got better chances with a lotto ticket.

2014 LA CROIX S. VINCENT Lussac St. Emilion ME/CF/Cab 68/20/12 Bordeaux 13.0


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