The Gewurzt Manifesto

Pale straw with a noticeable green hue.  Intense floral and soil are the trademarks of this wine–and have been for decades.  Jasmine and natal plum tangle with bright nectarine and lemon zest, laying the groundwork for the oily mouthfeel–but one of the least petrol’d vintages I’ve seen.  Crisp cellar floor in the nose influences the seamless entrance, molding the apple-pie and pineapple into a tangy mouthfeel perfectly funky and round–CLEARLY wine, and not merely beautiful fruit juice.
This is the best Alsatian-style Gewürztraminer made in the New World. Period. End of conversation.

2014 NAVARRO VINEYARDS Gewürztraminer Anderson Valley Mendocino “Dry” 13.7

One thought on “The Gewurzt Manifesto

  1. First visited Navarro in 1979. Had a bottle at Heritage House and it was so good I doubled back to the winery the next day. I felt like I was in on a great secret for all of these years. Secret is out. They kill it.


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