Sbragia is My Hero

Pale goldenrod.  Massive spice explodes out of the glass, dusty root-elixir  nascent perfection steeped in base stews and petrichor.  Perfume under cashmere and an umbrella, cafe vibes flowing easily out the door onto the sidewalk, wet lavender and thyme sharing pots with dwarf lemons. She wears impractical shoes and has a perfect manicure but so at ease in them and jeans fit and taut like comfort knows no stylistic bounds. Fruit bowl, toast in runny egg yolks, espresso and orange juice, a spicy fragrant twist on Chardonnay, all the elegance and restraint of Chablis and all the wealth of Sonoma. Dirty life, vibrant and all-knowing, speaking of things the pale color is reticent of. Blustery oak and a perfection of spirit so ripe, so round, redolent in acid and beauty, massaging oily comfort with edgy brilliance.  This is not your Pampered Chef Party Chardonnay, this is straight-up the perfect machinations of California Chardonnay.

2014 SBRAGIA VINEYARDS Chardonnay Dry Creek Valley Sonoma Co.  14.5

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