Educating Rita

Light ruby with pink edges.  Breathtaking burnt brier greets the smoke & tobacco game, acquiescing sweet velvet and black plum into a ‘Lie back and think of England’-type moment decadent, clean, and shudderingly rich. Iron and sweat massages the wet silk off shoulders, making a nose so rich but not the rich-fake ‘Syrah’-type nose so popular among the 50-dollar Pinots from some big names right now.

This was a World Of Pinot Noir discovery for me, stumbled upon their table–almost skipped–and glad I stopped.  Making wine in their apartment in Los Angeles for the past few vintages, this couple is setting out on a journey they have well-equipped themselves–wine-wise–to handle.  They have definitely worked out the bugs with Pinot and now are firmly striding into the big-time, with their screen-printed label paying homage to their home-winemaking days with a silver Sharpie.  It made my Top-5 of the weekend and when I got home, searched them out for bottles for my cellar.

in the mouth, this stuff gives supple a new definition.  Where the early angst of Pinot shows up in the nose, here we are doling out piles and piles of nectar and sweet definition into an edgy concoction showing a rich ripe middle and leather edges.  A slight acid peeks from behind the wall of fruit, appearing to convince supple tannins into a regret-less finish so clear you’ll need a cigarette.  Thin and bright, redolent in all that is good, it’s just flat out SEX Pinot.

2014 SWEETZER CELLARS Pinot Noir Rita’s Crown Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co.  14.4

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