A Frosted Flower

IMG_20170408_184904_309Bright pale ruby with wide clear edges.  Smoky peaty Big Red tobacco-leaf nose obfuscates dried apricot and fresh cranberry.  In the mouth, clear brilliant fruit, thin and concentrated, feather-light and brass-knuckles, an unbelievable juxtaposition of breathless, elegant and wispy against a whirlwind of mashed anger, dense compote and compost.  Taut structure points its way through all, defining the finish gracefully.  An absolutely BEAUTIFUL wine, more akin to Pinot than GSM.

I’ve been a fan of Kita for a while–I love their Syrah–but this.  THIS.  This is a beautiful wine.  I can’t help but imagine the brightness of character is attributable to the addition of Carignane instead of Mourvedre.  It’s a theory which could only be proved on bench tests, but is my hunch.  Whatever it is, this blend WORKS, and works GOOD.  I’m fairly stunned at its amazingness.

2013 KITA Spe’y Red Wine GR/SY/Carignane 58/21/21 Camp 4 Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co.  13.8


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