La Encantada

IMG_20170409_195807_695Light light garnet with wide amber edges out to clear.  Big smoky chunk of nectarine fruit, sweet and concentrated, flow out of the glass, backed up with grassy peat and stemmy funk of a kind perfectly befitting Pinot.  Tiny bits of bretty Euro cellar floor and vegetal goodness provide velvety landing for spicy high notes.  It never quite delves into ‘barnyard’, remaining bright and cola-driven to the core.

Discovered this tiny Los Angeles garagiste label–literally garage-made for its first few vintages, and only recently moved into a space on the Central Coast dedicated to wine-making.  This couple’s passion for fabulous Pinot bursts all edges of conversation–and becomes contagious as soon as you taste the direction they have led the grapes.

In the mouth, vegetal bitterness shows its head around the beautiful delicate entry which quickly turns fruit- and tannin-driven, leaving the bright cherry, lilac and Sweet-Tart acid in a rose-hip and oolong cloud of dust.  Throughout, the bouquet calms with its smoky baseline of elegance, reminding you this is an infant which will settle into the greatness which is La Encantada soon enough and polish for years.

2014 SWEETZER CELLARS Pinot Noir La Encantada Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co. 14.5

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