Brilliant Laziness

​Pale straw.  Tiny bits of tropical beauty blast out of it, the lychee is light the melon is light everything crystal clear and delicate.  No big effusive nose here, just lean tight grassiness coupled with a slender dinstinction of Gewurtz.

I’ve always felt this a leaner version than some of their neighbors and I’ve been loving this Gewurtz longer than some of you have been alive.  A pet winery of mine in the Anderson Valley, I have been traveling to and visiting Lazy Creek from the original old German owners through all three transisitions into what is currently owned by Ferrari-Carano.  They make Pinot and Gewurtz, and do both WELL.  No exception to the focus-rule here.

In the mouth, Instant tropical fat–but down in Riesling territory–backed up by green viscosity, rusty creaminess with full fruit over the grassy middle pounded home with wife-beater minerality and then the tannic-stem finish and a bit of heat.

I’ve seen these things beautiful at two decades and this is no exception. They have NOT spared the lean brilliance of this bottle for the bunco-party-crowd. Probably my favorite winery in Anderson Valley.

2016 LAZY CREEK VINEYARDS Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley Mendocino CO.  13.9

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