Oregon Bargain Beauty

Light garnet with wide clear edges.  Big cream-cheese-frosting headiness immediately out of glass.  Wet sandpaper and brushfire, bright plummy cherry exploding against multi-vitamin graininess and asphalt.

In the mouth, engagingly nommy, brilliant bitter cuts in soon, leaving a trademark Oregon, but offset with a touch of WA Jolly Rancher. A crazy bargain, and hitting on notes to please everyone. I think this is OR’s attempt at an entry-level pinot, and it is a far cry from CA’s version of the same. Where your 30$ Sonoma or Central Coast has flabby vapid stupidity, this has edgy green vibrancy, and where the sunny CA’s show warmth and final ease, this brings citrus and wet leaves, sealing the deal with drugstore minerality.

Everyone should have a case of this, but give it a year to settle down, because–unlike CA Pinot at this price-point–this actually has a few rough edges–and that’s a GOOD thing.

2015 RAYLEE Pinot Noir Oregon 13.5


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