Pure-isima Syrah

The Hartley-Ostini Syrahs always get lost in the hoopla surrounding the reasonably excellent wines they’re more famous for and it probably doesn’t help that they run about half the price. I discovered them with this wine right here, bought all I could find at the time, and continued to buy them as often as I could in subsequent years. Weedy briar and vegetal alongside beautiful Jolly Rancher and cola tells of a wine probably at prime and I only have a couple left so that’s good. A little sour milk Amaretto in the background of the nose confirms this. Rich and smooth–yes I just said smooth–completely mouth filling and wonderful, perfect patina. Ridiculously well-integrated tannins balance evenly across the palate with just a mere uptick in bitter far into the finish. These things are fairly well marketed at a lot of retailers who carry some of their better Pinots and I would highly recommend searching them out. They won’t set you back much either.

2001 HARTLEY OSTINI Hitching Post Syrah Purisima Mountain Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co 14.9


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