Secret Handshake Gewurtz

Pale pale pale with just a glimpse of yellow eroding pure honeysuckle and honey into the nose with that classic gewurtz sweat and soil nothing can replicate.

I could name on one hand the number of New World Gewürtz producers that make me happy.  And they’re all in California.  Loyal readers of mine know who they are.  I fell in love with the Stolo syrah, and ran into the winemaker at a resty and was, like, “Ya know at some point I need to try your Gewürztraminer” completely apprehensive as my little black book for this variety has almost all the pages filled.  I am happy to announce this one made the cut IN SPADES.  Congratulations, Stolo. Welcome to the club.  I’m drinking it at 49° and 59° and the brilliant floral, jasmine, and caramel is pumping near-perfection into every orifice.

In the mouth, lean and unassuming, any sort of copious fruit situation has been dialed back to a sultry mash of butter and tart apple which makes the hair on your neck stand up. Candied and crisp at the same time, the near-13-oh troubles me a *tiny* bit, as the heat pokes around a bit in the finish.  But I am not going to let something petty like that ruin my enjoyment of this wine.  Plum nectarine melon rule all, and the sandpaper structure squawks violently in all directions.  This one runs with the big dogs, boys and girls.

2016 STOLO FAMILY VINEYARDS Gewürztraminer Cambria San Luis Obispo Co. 12.9

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