Mad 4 U

Anyone who is a fan of Madiran knows your glasses will never be clear again and this is no exception. 14 dollars & 50 cents for this organic stain infusion. Did you know red grape juice is the closest naturally occurring substance to blood plasma? I heard that a long time ago, I’ve never really fact-checked it–do we have a doctor in the house?!? This little darling smells like bacon and eggs blended into a cranberry smoothie and is just velvet in the mouth. Sumptuous piles of fresh fruit and tannins that will beat the shit out of you but they’re sexy doing it. I know somm is going to have a coronary with this but these are never like cab tannins, or syrah tannins–these are like horse-drawn tannins. Dutch Master tannins. Tannins dug from deep in the earth and laid out to dry in the sun but never parched, always maintaining moisturization with the fruit, and in this case big sweet rich gorgeous ripe cherry fruit. $65 Pinot? Buck-25 cab? I’m just over here with my $15 madiran.

2014 CAPMARTIN ‘l’infant’ Madiran AMC France 13.5

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