Not Divine

Warm flat ripe nose where someone put vanilla and cinnamon in the whip cream to make it somehow more interesting. Still, flat, gutter-runoff, floating with trash and an oil slick from the urban drains everyone forgets dump into my ocean. Smokey burnt tar, roasted green and compromised with alcoholic burn. I haven’t even tasted it yet.

Spicy and round, a sharp note somm would call “acidic” and rep would call “pepper” puncuates the early mouth feel, but don’t be fooled by either of these charlatans: it’s a flat out unbalanced nuance churning straight into tannins like orange-peel being squirted into your eye by that fat kid in 3rd grade. I mean… I love RRV and Dutton Ranch as much as the next guy, but the banana-and-battery-acid on this one gets an asterisk.

2014 LUCIE Pinot Noir Dutton Ranch Sonoma County. 14.5

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