15 is the new 14-5

Impenetrable black purple, staining and thick.  Dirty sexy grit and sweat against heavy reduction of fruit in the nose.  Distilled down to near viscous proportions, the bouquet is as dense as the color.  Decanted heavily.

The first thing that popped into my mind on smelling this is “California Style”.  I immediately flashed to SRH or even some locations in SLH like Susan’s from Lucia.  I’m guessing 15-0 and if it is, it might be my first CdP above 14-5?  I’m not sure I have ever seen “15” on a French label before, but am sticking to my guess.

In the mouth, ridiculously rich and full, black fruit dancing all over peat and tapenade so dense and tight it only gives up tiny pieces of itself at a time.  Every swirl in the decanter opens up more floral and sweat, slowly allowing a shocking cola fountain of fruit to gush all over.  Every swirl in the glass pumps out more floral, although it runs the risk of being stomped out by an immediate following of keen tannin, green and visceral, dominating all in the finish.

2013 CHATEAU DE VAUDIEU CdP France 15.0

www.famillebrechet.fr   www.lastbottlewines.com

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