Dirty as Britney barefoot in a gas station restroom; Quick-handed cherry wrecked like a Home Depot flat-cart by effervescent non-chewable Vit. C and tannin.

This has got to be the cheapest wine Colombo makes. And it’s not even Syrah. It’s like, half the price of his rosé. Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive. I paid 9.99 for this little trollop and it’s just stupid-good. People are always like, *whiney voice* where do you buy wine? where do you find wine? wine is so expensive! oh my God I can’t afford good wine. Bullshit! You’re just looking in all the wrong places. You’ll join a wine club at a tasting room with your girlfriends and get $300 charged to your credit card every 3 months for absolute crap but pass over a little French piece of shit like this because “Oh, it’s probably weird” and you won’t spend 5 minutes to understand the label. 10 bucks right here, 10 bucks and this makes everything at a supermarket under $40 look like fucking Kool-Aid. Chemically enhanced, fake oak, enzyme-ridden engineered Kool-Aid that’ll give you a headache if you drink more than half a bottle.

And that’s officially the end of my rant on natural wine. Because natural wine doesn’t exist. There are only naturaler wines.

2013 JEAN-LUC COLOMBO ‘Les Abeilles’ Cotes du Rhone France 13.5


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