Soif de Jour

​I’ve been meaning to try this wine for so long. I wish I had a dollar for everytime somebody had either asked me about it, tagged me in it, or shoved it in my DM. I didn’t even know what it was, I mean I assumed it was either a Beaujolais or a cab Franc but I found it on the shelf at @winehoundsb in Santa Barbara and it turns out I was close, it’s a Bourgueil and it’s quite good and I don’t remember what I paid for it but I think it’s like $23 so an absolute steal.

Beautiful brilliant color–rich purple tinged ruby with pink edges. Big smokey match box weedy nose a little bit of conifer and crayon brighten and fatten. Forward fruit explodes on the palate but not slutty: extremely elegant and subdued with more smokey richness that can only be fresh young cheap soft shouldered CF from the old world.

There’s a honey nectar to the entry which slowly turns pie cherry before rasping out in grand fashion with a bit of wet sandpaper and golden seal. I’m gonna guess 13-oh.

This is a ridiculously good wine. I totally expected to be disappointed but this little thing is just straight-up rock and roll. If I had a resty I would glass this thing all day long for 11 bucks and bottle it for 40. I could sell this shit to Mormons. You know how I’ve been wonking the Hauner Hiera for about 2 years now as quite possibly the world’s most perfect BTG, well this thing has fewer rough edges. And dead even on label art.

There’s so many depressing things about wine I see and read every single day and then I open a bottle like this and everything is happy and beautiful and the way it should be. Forever.

2015 GAUTHIER PIERRE et RODOLPHE “Soif de Jour” Cabernet Franc Bourgueil France 13.0

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